Russian SL-16 and Energia


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26 May 2006
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Bullcrap (c). Both.
the first time I saw that impression, albeit rendered on a much smaller scale as part of a chart on future Soviet launch vehicles, was in the Pentagon's Soviet Military Power of 1987.

And this is the second time.
This is **nth time I see it. There was never a project of Zenith-launched 'space interceptor' sometimes referred as 'Uragan'
more pertinently, to intercept what in anycase?

US spysat, US space interceptor, US orbital nuke. . .

other use of 'Uragan'
Orbital bombing or reconnaissance

by the way
Russian sources continue to maintain that the Uragan manned spaceplane project never existed
that Uragan is in realty the OS orbital spaceplane of Spiral 50-50 or 50-22,3189.msg25727.html#msg25727

to those Energia design look more Vulkan rocket

can be that C.I.A went true trash of RKK Energia again ? ;D

That's Vulkan. Find zillion differencies.


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Dear Flateric,

the question about Uragan is much pretty interesting.
Mark Wade's Enciclopedya Astronautica gave it as granted, and I've also seen some desktop model sold by a Russian model producer.

What about Uragan??
It was a complete mistake/misinformation??
It was a real project who never left the drawing board?
It was a real project who reached the mock-up status?

This is reconstruction "305-1", scaled-up 105-11 offered by Lozino-Lozinsky as alternative to Glushko's OK-92, pre-Buran. 'Uragan' name onboard is truly speculative. All illustrations are by Andrey Makhan'ko/Vadim Lukashevich from


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Archipeppe, I will ask Vadim once more, but as I remember from our talks, Uragan is complete bluff/bullcrap. I remember such bullshit from Aerospace America that was even a project of TSTO interceptor with 'Uragan' boosted from top of...Sukhoi T-4...'Uragan' myth was created by Pentagon/DIA to scare themselves and US public.

The fact that Alex Panchenko sells a model of it means nothing - most of that stuff inspired by Mark Wade Astronautix itself, not talking of Piotr Butowsky's articles. In fact, with all my respect, all the source drawings Alex uses are from open publications, so see no difference from these 'Phillipines mahogany hand jobs' offered on eBay.
Igor Afanas'ev confirmed a myth.
flateric said:
Igor Afanas'ev confirmed a myth., at that times, I did this drawing for nothing.....
This means that I must move it from the "Spaceplanes" folder to "Fictional" one.


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SL-16 just CAN'T launch a vehicle of appropriate weight to orbit. Myth of Uragan was launched by Henry Matthews in his "The Secret Story of the Soviet Space Shuttle", X-Planes Book 1, Beirut/Lebanon, 1994
hey michael don't forget those manned spy satellites. imagine the look on the face of those poor devils .. when one of these showed up
can be that the BOR-4 Test flight are the origin of Uragan myth ?

launch 16 March 1983 as Cosmos 1445
After 1.25 revolutions of the earth, deorbited and recovered by Soviet naval forces in the Indian Ocean,
556 km south of the Cocos Islands.

a Australian P-3 Naval Reconnaisance Aircraft take picture.
and Pentagon/DIA make wrong conclusion...

hey michael don't forget those manned spy satellites.
yep, was MOL crew a human shield against Sovjet Space fighter ?

That's Vulkan. Find zillion differencies.
indeed it has zillion difference !
wat you wand if C.I.A and DoD has only blury Picture ;D


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Of course BOR-4 flights was a starting point of Uragan speculations, it's a well known fact.
Regarding Vulcan, it was a provisions of FI artists driven by logic, CIA neveк has documents on it.
but today it would be better to put a panda in one of those MOL's , nobody dare touch an endangered species , even in orbit.

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