Russian Black Eagle tank (Objekt 640)


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9 March 2008
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I have been looking for a detailed 3-view drawing of this tank, but so far I have found some simple drawings, a few photos and 3D renderings. Can anyone provide detailed plans of the Black Eagle? Thank you in advance.
you can proceed directly to '640' paper model)))
Um... is there any instruction? Some parts are obvious but others are hard to figure out.
no, to my sorrow, there was not instruction sheet
Thanks. I have already seen this model. Unfortunately, it's incomplete. I wanted to buy a copy, but it's harder to find that I thought.
The Burlak Turret was unfortunately lost out to the Proriv turret for the T-90MS program :x

Had it win... the T-90MS exported to Egypt would look like that T-80 "Burlak".
Isn't that highly downward sloping frontal armour inviting a dangerous shot trap?
burlak - is a development of 640 conception.
640 - “Object 640” (Black Eagle), "Unified turret" and "Burlak"
Это панели активной брони. Там нет разницы под каким углом они расположены.
Можно Т-90МС так оснастить)))
Сама программа "Бурлак" бы разработана для унификации башен для длинных выстрелов.

These are active armor panels. There is no difference at what angle they are located.
You can equip the T-90MS like that)))
The Burlak program itself would have been designed to unify the towers for long shots.


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These are active armor panels. There is no difference at what angle they are located.
ERA, not exactly "active armor". And there is a HUGE difference in its installation angle concerning efficiency. Flyer plate going at 10 degrees to incoming projo path and at 60 degrees will perform not the same. To the level where 10 degrees can be dismissed from protection equation at all.

PS: welcome to the forum.
Согласен, не точно выразился-не активная. Динамическая защита- ДЗ.
Насчет угла-я на данном рисунке Т-90МС просто продолжил направление, угол не менял. Понимаю, что данная схема не заводской чертеж, но все таки)))
И кстати... судя по новым фото, программа "Бурлак" не закрыта.

I agree, I expressed it inaccurately-not active. Dynamic protection- DZ.

As for the angle, I just continued the direction in this figure of the T-90MS, I did not change the angle. I understand that this scheme is not a factory drawing, but still)))

And by the way... judging by the new photos, the Burlak program is not closed.


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Given the new turret modification that people have misidentified as Burlak - I'm wondering if Burlak would have been easier to retrofit with ERA to protect from top attack (compared to other turrets). Is there any chance this was a consideration at time of development?
What this graduate student project has to do with the topic?

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