Republic XP-47F-RE

A photo of the XP-47F is available at the following link:

The production P-47 wing, sometimes called the Seversky wing, does not get the credit it deserves. The basic semi elliptical wing was used from the Seversky P-35, P-41, P-43 and through all production models of the P-47. The straight leading edge with curved tips and semi-elliptical trailing edge, gave an elliptical area distribution without the manufacturing difficulties of a curved leading edge. It performed well in the high altitude air to air combat of the European theater. It was strong enough to carry heavy bomb loads and rockets for low level interdiction missions. In its final form in the P-47N it provided enough fuel for the P-47, like the P-51, to escort B-29s on missions to Japan.
How would the performance and flight charactics change with that wing?

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