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Justo Miranda

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2 December 2007
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Please see attached some stuff from
- Bulletin periodique AELR No 19 Amis du Musée de l'Air et de l'Espace , Bruxelles
Note eyectable cabin

And one speculative drawings by myself
Wingspan 11,64 m. , Lenght 8,8 m. , Rolls Royce "Merlin II"
Max speed 525 Km/h


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a well known Renard R.40 and R.42 fighter projects,but here is their drawings.


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The Renard R.40 high altitude fighter was constructed in prototype form.
Fighter had a pressurised cockpit.
Prototype was destroyed near the city of Tournai-Belgium- when the Renard firm evacuated to France
during the invasion in 1940.

More on

The drawing of the R.44 project is the work of Justo Miranda.Taken from his
magnificient 'Unknown' series....
Here some additional stuff from Unknown N.3


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Such nice designs! And from the motherland too? I never knew of this piece of Belgian history...
I must say its a very interesting and promising fighter project! it had made a difference if there were enough examples to send the German invaders a clear message.til here and no further!
I'm searching for a book about the Renard R38,R42 series
I hope some one can help me to find a book about this beautiful Belgian fighter .
best regards T-50
I have to find some time to get to Brussels and do some research in the Army museum archives... I always thought national airplane builing was restricted to outdated byplanes.
Renard R-40

A final version was built, the R-40, for the French Air Ministry. This model was a high-altitude fighter with a pressurised cabin which could be jettisoned in-flight with a compressed-air charge.
Before the German advance, the Renard works were evacuated to France, taking with them the disassembled prototype with the purpose of continuing trials in the unoccupied zone; however during the debacle the aircraft was abandoned in Tournai and probably destroyed in the town's bombardment.
In broad lines very similar to the R-38 (likewise having the same Rolls-Royce Merlin engine), nevertheless the design of the pilot's station was clearly different and more like the silhouette of fighter-aircraft of the period with its canopy faired into the rear fuselage.
The jettisonable cabin was connected to the fuselage by a casing in two parts (the first part connected to the cabin, the other part fixed to the airframe). Inside this casing, the flight-controls and instruments were equipped with quick-disconnects.
"Les Avions Renard 1922-1970" by André Hauet & Guy Roberty, A.E.L.R. 1996 (my translation)

here is an artist drawing to R-40.


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Hello,I'm New To The Forum.I'm Doing Some Research On Renard WW2 Fighters And Have Found 3-Way Drawings On All But The R-38.I Already Checked The Renard Site,But Found Nothing.Anyone Know Of a 760x Or Better 3-Way Of The R-38? Thank You And I Would Be Very Greatful. :)
Hello Mustang and welcome here,

Do you have a specific modelling project ?

There are excellent drawings of all those Renard fighters in the book by Nicolas Godfurnon Renard R-36/37/38 & 40 (bilingual French / English), published by FNAR:

All the versions of the R.36 to R.38 are depicted in both 1/48 and 1/32 scale, and there are numerous technical drawings. Front views of the R.37 and R.38 are strangely missing, perhaps a mistake when the book was layed out. The 1/32 drawings are unfortunately overlapping facing pages, with the book hinge in the middle. The 1/48 drawings are unaffected, and should be enough for most purposes.

I'm sorry I will not post scans of those plans in the forum because the book is still available new and the set of plans makes a good chunk of it. But if you are seriously interested in those aircraft, I can guarantee that you won't regret buying it.

There are drawings of the R.38 in the book Les avions Renard by Hauet and in other articles, like that posted below from Avions no.153. But the plans by Godfurnon seem very carefully researched, and I would rather use them.

By the way, maybe you'll be interested by this post listing other reference books about Belgian aircraft:,19339.0.html



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Thank You Adrien For The Info. I Like Collecting Line Drawings Of Rare WWII Fighters. I Will Keep That Book Idea In Mind. ;D Cheers, Dale

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