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27 December 2008
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HiIs there anybody who can give me more information concerning the first S.E.T. prototype?Its concerning the Proto-SET-I.How did it look/pictures/drawings/dimensions etc.I found that Protopopescu did designed and they were build (not at the S.E.T. factory) 3 different biplanes:proto-1 (1922), Proto-2 (1925) (both build at the Aeronautical Arsenal) and the Astra-Proto (1925).I found this information in Romanian Aeronautical Construction 1905-1974.These aeroplanes were the forerunners of the later S.E.T. designs by Protopopescu.Who has more information concerning these aeroplanes everything is welcome, maybe someone has something which gives an impression of (at least) the fuselage construction?ThanksJan
Not the internet sites, just like and I have also the book Romanian Aeronautical Constructions 1905-1974
Well , i have the new edition of Romanian Aeronautical Constructions (2006) , do you have it ? I can't recall from the top of my head , but surely there must be some pages dedicated to Protopopescu and his designs. I'll have to look it up if you'd want me to.

PS: Well i have found the pages and the pictures , hope it's ok to scan and post them here , i still can't get my head around this copyright thing , what to post and what not to post ...
For whoever else interested in them, here are some pictures of the 4 aircraft , from ROMANIAN AERONAUTICAL CONSTRUCTIONS by D.Antoniu and G. Cicos.

Proto-1, Proto-2, ASTRA-Proto and Proto-SET-2 in that order.


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