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27 May 2007
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Hello everyone, this is my first post here after lurking around the boards for a couple of months. What I wanted to know is if any one had any more information about a possible classified project from the late 80s called "greenblade"? It was supposodly was looking into a stealth helicopter. I found out about this project from Bill Gunstons book "stealth". Did it eventually morph into the RAH-66 requirement? Anybody?
not sure if this helps but its an old bell project called Bell 201-SS stealth star (sorry if its a repost)

i had an old book at home about it when it was trying for government funding. Had a gunship and troop carying capability but was not adopted as a project to persue by the government. the project took place around the late 80's

hope it helps


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Did you mean "Grassblade" perhaps?

This was a reported "Stealth helicopter" design.

I would guess it might have been a Lockheed proof of concept study for a stealthy helicopter, prior to LHX, but thats purely speculation.
Dear Members,

I read about the project in blurp in one of the aviation publications (Air International I believe) and it stated it was intended as an attack gunship for US military aid to certain countries in Latin America -- ie sort of like the Piper project with the turbo Mustang.

Jack E. Hammond
Yeah, I meant grassblade, sorry for the inconveniance. :-[ I guess much of the information is still classified than?
overscan said:
Bell Stealth Star has no connection to this topic.
like i said, not sure if it helps

the Bell 201-SS is the only other stealth helicopter program that I can think of that made a demonstrator apart from the canceled Comanche,392.msg2518.html#msg2518,1405.msg13145.html#msg13145

AND please note difference between project and flight demonstrator

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