Project 1840 Lima


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6 September 2006
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Does anyone have any more info or even pictures of this mysterious sub?

I'm assuming it had some kind of research role like the Project 1710 Beluga and it did see some service with the Black Sea Fleet during the late 1980s.
Any info much appreciated.
Project 1840 NATO Name "Lima" is a single unit AGSS Type comissioned in 1979. SDB-143/Malachite bureau

There is a brief description and pic+internal drawing on Cold War Submarines. Norman Polmar and K.J. Moore page 209

"underwater laboratory for research activities with two forward inter-connected hyperbaric chambers; divers could easily transit from chambers to the open sea"

Specs here:

Scorp show me a great link about Russian subs but no 1840 images are available to date:
here's what I got:



This site is in Russian, but holds a lot of data and drawings, so try Babelfish. The 1840 is located in time bracket 1945-1992 under title Special purpose diesel subs (it's 8th title from the top).
Tough I should warn, at least I was unable to select the text in some of the deepstorms pages...usually in the most interesting ones :(

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