Praga E.114 Air Baby & derivatives


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31 December 2008
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I have been a fan of the Praga E.114 Air Baby (and later souped up E.115) since discovering the license-built UK version in Richard Riding's fantastic book ULTRALIGHTS: THE EARLY BRITISH CLASSICS. The thick, cantilever, shoulder wing, cute lines and novel cabin entry (note that a big chunk of the leading edge folds up with the canopy) make it a very particular design. See the following links if you don't know the design: (good overview but pics of the later long-nosed version not the earlier pug-nosed ones) (in Russian, nice pics) (a couple of nice pics of late models)

So here are my questions. I have Googled my way around to find all I can but I would very much like to find:

1) Clear detailed cockpit photos, ideally of the low-powered early model (Czech or British)
2) The airfoil details for wings and tail
3) Any detailed drawings (exploded, for example) or technical evaluations
4) Pics or drawings of the tricycle gear E.117
5) Finally, if the E.114/115/117 were all variations on the Air Baby, just out of curiosity, what was the E.116?

Can anyone help?


Here's a little clip from the Czech news archives of a postwar Praga E.114 Air Baby with the larger 4-cylinder Praga D engine. Also a report on another, presumably Praga, type which flew from Prague to Capetown and back.
Here's a neat series of video clips on the restoration and return to flight of an original Praga E.114 Air Baby.
My dear Cluttonfred,

I think also E-120 was from its derivatives.
hesham said:
i think also E-120 was from its derivatives.

I know of the E.114 in various models, E.115 (smaller, straight-taper wing), E.117 (straight-taper long wing, steel fuselage, one with tricycle gear) and E.214 (four-seater), but I have never heard of the E.120.

Here's another clip with some nice close-up shots. I don't speak Czech, but I think this is an interview with the owner/restorer.
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