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26 May 2006
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From my dear Jemiba,

The Potez-75 was single engined twin boom COIN aircraft,it was designed
in 1952,but in 1975 the company redesigned the aircraft as Super 75,which
was lated known as Potez-91,it was twin boom amphibian aircraft and
powered by one Potez 8 D-32 engine,span 13.16m ,length 9.26m and
estimated speed 275 km/h,the aircraft was not pass a drawing board.


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and she is a cutie, too ;D


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I've heard that the Potez 75 (light COIN for Algeria) was a rather dangerous machine to fly...
Archibald said:
I've heard that the Potez 75 (light COIN for Algeria) was a rather dangerous machine to fly...

On the contrary, it was described as being easy to fly: http://www.flightglobal.com/pdfarchive/view/1954/1954%20-%201391.html?search=Potez 75

I've had a bit of information about the Potez 75 for a few years on my website, and have finally gotten around to updating it (after digging through the Flight goldmine of an archive):


First I've heard of the Potez 91 / Super 75 project - it definitely has the wings and tail of the 75.
As I understood, it was regarded dangerous as a military aircraft, because slow and easily to
be hit in combat. I've somewhere read that "the only point of this aircraft, that really was
"warrior like" was its camouflage paint scheme !"
Hi all
I read in a very old "Aviation Magazine" :
The POTEZ 75
Only one has been built with different modifications
and it was destruct during a trial flight with an
ALAT crew on sept 1st 1958.
It could have been better with a 600 hp engine....
It probably wouldn't have done better, than it's direct (french) competitor, the
MS.1500 Epervier. Indigenous french designs for this type of aircraft were killed
by the availability of cheaper, nevertheless capable US North American T-28s ! :'(

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