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17 August 2006
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I gave found some post-stall maneuver name and their sketch map such as Kulbit, Cobra, Herbst, Bell, and mongoose.
Here I am still lacking some like Hook. What does this maneuver look like, could you show me how it be performed?
Are there any other more?
Never tried to use Google?

For USAF/NAVY Hook is a rather different term than for Russian AF - with a video of "HOOK" maneuver

"There is also the "HOOK" maneuver that the Navy is researching. The word "HOOK" is used as a mnemonic aid to help the trainee accomplish the anti-G strain properly. Vocalizing "HOOK" causes voluntarily closing of the glottis (the vocal apparatus of the larynx, consisting of the true vocal cords and the opening between them), which is an important part of effective anti-G straining. U.S. Navy experience shows that this method is more effective than the "grunt" and L-1/M-1 techniques used before. If fighter pilots could already "pull high G’s as long as they need to," none of these improvements or this research would be necessary."

"The US Navy teaches a slight variation of the L-1 called the Hook Maneuver in which the pilots initiate the strain phase by saying "hook" as they begin to strain. This helps ensure a completely closed glottis. Otherwise, no significant differences from the USAF L-1 that I'm aware of."

For Russian AF, term Hook Maneuver means Cobra in horizontal planform - you are making 90 degree bank and making a Cobra.

First public demonstration of Hook was made on Su-35 #703 by test pilot Eugeny Frolov at MAKS airshow in 1993, at the West - at LeBourget in 1995.


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