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24 July 2009
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The Portsmouth Aerocar was a British postwar attempt to produce a Dragon Rapide replacement for the Air Taxi and Feederliner market.

Portsmouth Aviation are still going, and they have a PDF download available on the history of the Aerocar.
Link: http://www.portsmouth-aviation.co.uk/downloads.aspx

Included are some of the projected versions of the Aerocar, the most interesting being the floatplane version shown below.

Portsmouth Aviation also produced a Seaplane Jet Fighter project, see http://www.secretprojects.co.uk/forum/index.php/topic,645.0.html

Regards Bailey.


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Very Interesting, do you have any more data on
this, besides the dimensions quoted in the PDF?

Portsmouth Aviation are still going,

I see they make the UK version of the Paveway LGB.... ::)

Regarding the Aerocar, my first thought whenever I see it
is 'Miles Aerovan', although the latter is somewhat larger,
and, of course, designed as a freighter.
Of course, DH weren't going to let go of the Rapide replacement
market, the DH Dove appearing in due course...

Was the Aerocar Major the same as Aerocar Minor with more powerful plants?

Aerocar Minor projekt with Blackburn Cirrus Minor 2 (90HP) / Aerocar Major Blackburn Cirrus Major III (155HP).

Servus Maveric
Four models were to have been offered:-

Aerocar Junior 2 x Cirrus Minor II, Fixed undercarriage.
Aerocar Senior 2 x Cirrus Major III, Fixed undercarriage.
Aerocar Minor 2 x Cirrus Minor II, Retractable undercarriage.
Aerocar Major 2 x Cirrus Major III, Retractable undercarriage.

G-AGTG was C/n 02, C/n 01 was an Aerocar Minor to which the registration G-AGNJ was allocated. It was never completed.

Regards Bailey
History of Co and Aerocar by founder's son: SPITHEAD EXPRESS, The Pre-War Island Air Ferry and Post-War Plans, Christopher Balfour, Magna Press,1999. WW2 Civilian Repair Organisation contractor (Oxford, Horsa). Aerocar to be an early case of production out-sourcing to a 1947 new entity in Jamnagar, new-India: 288 "provisional orders", but fell apart in financial turmoil. The Co. turned to specialist/make-to-print/short-order work, such as (IIRC) drop tanks; a component design role on UK's nuclear weapons; (per Robunos above ) licencee for Rockwell Paveway LGB.
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alertken said:
History of Co and Aerocar by founder's son: SPITHEAD EXPRESS, The Pre-War Island Air Ferry and Post-War Plans, Christopher Balfour, Magna Press,1999.

New to me, thanks for passing that on. :D

Regards Bailey.
Greetings All -

Some artwork of the Aerocar courtesy of the San Diego Air & Space Museum archives.

Also a Flight article not previously listed:


Enjoy the Day! Mark


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Another article about the Aerocar was published in the Wingspan magazine.
For those interested, I'll can make a scan.
Hi Jemiba -

I might have that now that you mention it. Do you know what issue?

Thanks! Mark
Sorry for the delay, had to digg out that issue before (my mags are kept on the attic, which
in the moment is in a state of total mess, due to preparations for a renewal of the roof).
It was the January/February issue 2002.
Anther pictures to Aerocar.


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With floats;



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From Aeroplane Monthly.


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From Britsih Civil Aircraft Since 1919.


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