Pogosyan quits as Sukhoi design bureau chief


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Sukhoi director general quits as design bureau chief
20:26 | 01/ 08/ 2007

MOSCOW, August 1 (RIA Novosti) - Mikhail Pogosyan, the head of Sukhoi Aircraft Holding Company, has resigned as director general of the company's design bureau, Sukhoi said in a statement Wednesday.

The Sukhoi Design Bureau's board of directors accepted Pogosyan's resignation at a July 30 meeting, citing the official's desire to focus on managing the Sukhoi Aircraft Holding Company.

Pogosyan was also elected board chairman of the Sukhoi Design Bureau, which "will allow him to focus his attention in the design bureau on strategic development issues," the statement said.

Pogosyan currently holds several posts, including first vice president of the United Aircraft Corporation (UAC), a majority state-owned corporation consolidating aircraft-building companies and state assets engaged in the manufacture, design, and sale of military, non-military, transport, and unmanned aircraft.

The board also appointed Igor Ozar, who was until now deputy director general on economics and finances and chief financial officer of the Sukhoi Design Bureau as executive director of the bureau as of July 31.

Sukhoi Aircraft Holding Company, which is 100% state-owned, holds 50% plus one share in the design bureau.

Mikhail Pogosian elected to chair directors of Sukhoi design office


01.08.2007, 15.36

MOSCOW, August 1 (Itar-Tass) -- Mikhail Pogosian has been elected to chair the board of directors of the OKB Sukhoi design office, a spokesman for the Sukhoi company has told Arms-Tass.

About the results of Tuesday’s meeting of the OKB Sukhoi board of directors, which made a number of technical decisions and personnel appointments, the source said that the enterprise’s Charter had been amended and the position of executive director introduced.

The measure follows Pogosian’s election to the position of OKB Sukhoi board of directors chairman and his appointment as vice-president of the United Aircraft Building Corporation’s for programs coordination.

The board of directors also made a decision to appoint Igor Ozar as OKB Sukhoi executive director. So far Ozar has held the post of chief financial officer.

“Pogosian’s election as OKB Sukhoi board of directors chairman will allow him to focus on the design office’s strategic development and design concepts of many types of aircraft still to materialize in the near future and long-term perspective,” a source said.

The OKB Sukhoi design office is an affiliate of the OAO Sukhoi holding company, 100-percent owned by the state. The Sukhoi company controls a 50 percent plus one share stake in the OKB Sukhoi design office.

Pogosian remains chief of the Sukhoi holding company.

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