Sukhoi Su-14 ("N") attack aircraft (1948)


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5 May 2007
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In 1948, in various design offices /OKB / were working on the armored ground-attack planes with a controlled cannon armament, with a turbojet, or turboprop, or a powerful piston engine.
This project was intended to attack aircraft to replace the Il-10
In the magazine "Aviation & cosmonautic” -Авиация и космонавтика № 2-06
article V. Proklov’s (director of the museum Sukhoi Design Bureau), was published drawing N. Gordyukov’s
(engineer, perhaps the most productive draftsman Russia, previously worked at the Sukhoi Design Bureau in the department of common views).
This is a project in 1948, attack aircraft under the designation "N" (Su-14)

- Span-17, 5m, length-15,5m, (other sources: - span-15,23m, length-11,58m), wing area-40,0m2, take-off weight of 9600kg, max. speed-800km / h, min. speed-275km / h, range-1000km, engine-VK-1/Klimov,
crew-2, armament 6 x NR-23-driven / forward /, 1 x NR-23 / back-up /, 6 x ORO-132 under the wings, bombs - 400kg.


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Armoured attack aircraft with controlled cannon armament.
Competitors 1948-1949
Edit: I removed two images of IL-20 / 3 and IL-20 / 4 made on the description from the article "Attack aircraft with good eyesight" by Vladimir Perov and Oleg Rastrenin / design their existence under a big question /
Ucon unlike me, was acquainted with the author of articles and documents KB S. Ilyushin.


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Wow, that design chart is amazing. 218-3 looks like a Mixmaster with a nose off of one of the later Luftwaffe bomber designs. They're all quite intersting. TYVM for this.
:eek: Wonderful as always. ;D

For those who come after us, Borovik also posted more information on the Alexeyev designs in this thread:,5360.15.html

borovik said:
Petrus said:
Very interesting!

BTW, do you have any idea what engine/engines the I-218-2 (i.e. the jet-powered variant) had? I would like to know its dimensions and other data, including its planned armament. Does anybody know anything on that?

Best regards,
Sorry Piotr, its lack of attentiveness (noticed only now) :-[
"218" - Span -16,43m, length-13,88m, wing area-45,0m2, take-off weight of 9000kg, max. speed- 465km /h, range-1200km, engine-VD-251 (M-250) / Dobrynin, propeller AV-28 the diameter of 3,6 m.
"218-II" - Span -17,4m, length-16,5m, wing area-50,0m2, take-off weight 13000kg, max. speed-735km /h, range-1200km, engine -TR-3/Lyul 'ka or VK-1/Klimov
"218-III" - scale-18,4m, length-17,0m, wing area-55,0m2, take-off weight 12000kg, max. speed-504km / h, range-1300km, engine -M-250/Dobrynin

Armament underneath the fuselage could stoop down to 25-30 degrees.
Planned or 4xNR-23 (to 150 rounds per gun), or 2xN-37 (40), or 2xN-57 (30)
To defend the back-2x20mm gun with remote control ( "218" on the booms), ( "218-III" on the wing) (120)
In the fore part of the booms were placed on three rocket guns ORO-132, ( "218-II", "218-III" under the wing)
In the bomb bay could hang 6x100kg bombs or smaller in the appropriate quantities.
Under the fuselage provided accommodation bomb or torpedo weight to 1500kg. (in overload)
Great find! "218-3" has "Mixmaster" written all over it or just about! All the others are extremely original, if somewhat ungainly for the most part... The Il-20 series could qualify for a contest in the ugliest aircraft designs ever and would certainly be in the top end of them!!
Great post, thank you Borovik!
Hava you got similar design chart about early jet fighters?
:eek: :eek:

Wings was surely inspired by wings of Lockeed P-80 : a possible soviet "Shooting Star " ! B)
airman said:
:eek: :eek:

Wings was surely inspired by wings of Lockeed P-80 : a possible soviet "Shooting Star " ! B)

I thought the exact same thing but I didn't dare to say it for fear of being accused of perpetuating the classic "East copies West" cliché...
Dear Borivik!
Would you be so kind as to promt the sources for Il-20/3 and Il-20/4?
My 5 cents in this subject. Some scanns from real DB album.


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Stargazer2006 said:
The Il-20 series could qualify for a contest in the ugliest aircraft designs ever and would certainly be in the top end of them!!
IL-20-1 with the gun turret Il-VU-11
Il-20-2 with tail gun turret Il-KU-8


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ucon said:
Would you be so kind as to promt the sources for Il-20/3 and Il-20/4?
I allowed myself the bravery to do the reconstruction as described by Vladimir Perov and Oleg Rastrenin. Based on a large, expanded article "Attack aircraft with good eyesight" - magazine "Aircraft of the world" № № 2, 3 - 1998
Here is one of context quote:
S.V.Ilyushin addressed the two (except Reviewed by us) version of the IL-20 with the layout of type Il-10/16. Flight data obtained naturally taller ...
Stargazer2006 said:
airman said:
:eek: :eek:

Wings was surely inspired by wings of Lockeed P-80 : a possible soviet "Shooting Star " ! B)

I thought the exact same thing but I didn't dare to say it for fear of being accused of perpetuating the classic "East copies West" cliché...
No, because nose is very different, i like think the Su-14 like an soviet "Shooting Star " for similarity of wings with the Lockeed P-80 ! B)
One of the things which has struck me is how people often fail to notice the sheer alieness of aircraft like the Mig-23 and Soviet weapons like the S-24 and SPPU...
It is a bit of a miracle that we can find similarities in aircraft as odd as the one's in this design competition. The human ability to see patterns is brilliant.

I also find it fascinating how necessary design features and design trade-offs interacts with stylistic elements, design philosophy/requirements and novel solutions. There is a real ebb and flow of features among the "arbitrariness" of engineering and the unpredictability of innovation and luck.
From Авиация и космонавтика 5/2016,

here is the Su-14 in details.


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"By this time, the OKB-134 was already developed conceptual design and layout built Su-14 VC-1. According to factory No. 134 in 1949, the readiness project at 1.01.50, is 40%. Planned duration of presentation on State tests-September, 1950."
"The design had several variants of the aircraft (with vertical and the "V"-shaped plumage), powerplant (VC-1, WB-2, 2VK-2, WB-5), composition (forward-4 caliber gun 37 mm n-37 or 4-6 guns of calibre 23 mm NS-23, Nr-23, VYA-23 (lightweight), ago-23 mm gun or 2 gun 20 mm). While with VK-2 Sturmovik had landing gear with tail wheel. Weight of armor depending on the version changed from 600 up to 798 kg. Stormtrooper crew consisted of a pilot and radio operator gunner.
In the final version stopped at sredneplane with "V"-shaped tail.;topic=9238.0;attach=96258;image (borovik-san's chart)
Armament included six mobile Nr-23 cannons (900 shells) for shooting forward and down, defensive mobile installation with Nr-23 cannon (150 rounds) for shooting back upwards, 400 kg normal bomb load (1000 kg in overload). Provided for the suspension of six rocket shells Oro 132 on account of overloading.
Basic flight data Su-VK-1 14 on clearing a height of 1500 m were: speed range-275-800 km/h, this time lifting height-2 min, range at a speed of 500 km/h and a bomb load of 400 kg-900 km in normal flight and 1100 km in overload (with external fuel tanks). Takeoff with rocket-500 m accelerators without them-850 m. mileage-600 m.
To reduce takeoff field applied powder Starter rocket type PRS-280. The speed limit when you dive within the requirements of the AIR FORCE provided air brakes, installed on the fuselage on the left and right.
Booking a Stormtrooper calculated protection of the crew and engine fire heavy machine guns and partly from 20 mm caliber guns. It was planned to apply the homogeneous armor type kvk-2 and ABA-1. The total weight of the armor reached 752 kg, including: crew armor-602 kg, engine armor-150 kg. Armor thickness varied depending on the conditions of the shelling of fighters and anti-aircraft fire: front-25 mm from the top and front 4 mm, laterally-10-12 mm, bottom-10 mm, back-30 mm. The pilot and gunner were nadgolovniki, and another pilot and the headrest and the armored back. In the frontal part of the pilot lamp installed 100-mm armoured glass. Laterally and pilot air gunner behind 65-mm transparent armor.
Fuel, weighing a total of 2460 kg housed in five tanks: three fuselage (2010 kg) and two wing (450 kg).
All tanks have a protector of variable thickness according to the height of the tank. In flight fuel tanks and compartments, in which they were located, filled with carbon dioxide. To extinguish a fire in the engine compartment fire extinguishing system was available.
Optionally, in the Bill allowed overload suspension two discharged fuel tanks to 225 kg of fuel each. Suspension nodes located on the ends of the tanks.
Navigation equipment included a magnetic compass: KI, gyro horizon AGK-47B, navigational indicator-46, airspeed indicator, altimeter, variometer, index number of Maha, watches.
Stormtrooper intended to equip the defendant State identification system type "Barium-m" equipment guidance on ground targets like "Median-Prism" height low altitude PB-2, VHF radio station RSIU-3 with remote control. Provided a location to install the apt-type radio rsb-5.
In addition, the plane was landing in blind equipment consisting of automatic arc-radiokompasa 5b, remote gyromagnetic compass DGMK-3 and marker radio type MCI-48. The terrestrial part (drive radio markernym aerodrome beacon, automatic radiopelengatorom) this system exactly go on streaks and determine the span far and near.
To control the results of shooting and bombings on aircraft installed photo-kinopulemet, as well as camera AfA-MC, which was used, including for a routing perspective aerial photography.
Communication between the pilot and air gunner protect aircraft intercom system. Oxygen equipment allowed to perform flight within 1 h flight at an altitude of 7000 m.
Pilot cabin and heated arrow in flight. On the plane were installed air-source heat deicers on socks wing, empennage and engine rear fenders. Hot air to heat the cabin crew and de-icing systems selected from the compressor to the engine.
Sighting shooting and bombing provided using sight PSH-1, synchronously associated with rotation system mobile gun batteries. Managing fire cannons electropneumatic.
Electrical equipment of the plane escaped, voltage 24 v. power supplies consist of GS-9000 type generator and battery at 30 and h type 12A-30. Possibility of connecting ground power supply.
As can be seen from the documents, all materials and layout conceptual design of the Su-14 VC-1 in November 1949 were destroyed."

The layout scheme of the Su-14 VC-1.

1-oxygen cylinders; 2-blocks of radio equipment; 3-frontal protection glass; 4-580x240 nose wheel; 5-the nose wheel retracted position; 6-swivel gun battery; 7-side armor pilot; 8-side armor arrow; 9-bulletproof glass arrow; 10-gun turret arrow; 11-ammunition; 12-fuel tank No. 1; 13-outboard fuel tank; 14-consumable fuel tank # 2; 15-main wheel supports 950x350 in the stowed; 16-wheel main supports; 17-fuel tank No. 3; 18-bomb bay leaf; 19-DC generator GS-9000; 20-armor of the engine; 21-fire extinguisher; 22-start rocket Accelerator PSR-280; 23-VK-1 TURBOJET ENGINE; 24-a TURBOJET ENGINE intake; 25-jet pipe; 26-nozzle.

Sukhoi escort fighter design with VK-2, 4200 hp turboprop engine.

In Russia C=K? What is the meaning of "Dry"?


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Hi! Il-20-2 and Il-20-1.


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