Please tell me this "Thing" is a Internet Urban legend

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13 August 2007
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i found nice Web page with rare Photo of all kind of prototypes (tanks, car, Rockets)
but that Blog show all kind of stuff :eek:

like this

the legenden about this "KV-VI Behemoth"

"The first prototype was completed in December 1941 and was rushed into the defense of Moscow. In its first action during a dense winter fog, the rear turret accidentally fired into the center turret. The resulting explosion completely destroyed the vehicle. The second prototype was completed in January 1942, and was sent to the Leningrad front. This one had indicators installed to show whe another turret was in the line of fire. In its initial attack on the Germans, the tank broke in half when crossing a ravine."

Crew: 15 men and one Commissar. The KV-VI was nicknamed "Stalin's Orchestra" by the few Germans that encountered it because of the variety of weapons it deployed.

Please tell me, this is only a Internet Legend...
It is a legend, an amusing spoof. A friend of mine got all excited about it a while back and emailed me and I had to put him straight about it!

There were some interesting multi-turreted super-tanks designed during the 1930s (there are a couple of initeresting official models of a strange beast with supplementary tracks at the front to help with climbing), and rumours of a 100-ton machine, but this model is none of those.

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