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26 May 2006
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the Partenavia PD-93 was four seat high wing trainer and
utility aircraft project and powered by one 200 hp Lycoming
IO-360 engine.


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Found another pic from that plane ;)



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I know personally Prof. Luigi Pascale, the Partenavia and Tecnam founder and chief designer.
I could ask him something about PD-93.

Anyway I really dislike the definition of "Standard boring plane", is this boring only because it don't launch bombs or missiles, for its desing, because it is propellend by an "old" piston engine?

Aircrafts are aicrafts, and this Forum is devoted, at least I think, to less known or unknown projects, boring or not.

Furthermore I want to remember that Pascale designed one of the most beautiful twin engined plane: the vast family of P-68 (with the remarkeable Observer).
I decided to delete some off-topic posts, starting with mine, where I described this aircraft as a standard and boring. For some reasons then I felt the need to write it, because my subjective view of primary aesthetic part of the design. I wanted to express that for me this aircrafts looks in a general shape similar like dozens of other designs. This was only my personal subjective point and if I injured somebody, I am sorry for that. I will get a lesson from this.

Now, it will be usefull to focus back on the aeroplane.

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