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5 May 2007
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Suspension (parasite) fighter D.Pokorzhevskiy

Technical requirement on designing gave OKB Myasishchуev.
Dimensions Span:5,2m
Lenght :4,5m
Engine: One 1590kg (3,500lb) license Rolls-Royce Derwent
Armament :2 x 20 or 23mm
Weights loaded 1850 kg
Accounting time of the flight 10 - 15 minutes.
Projections of this plane were provided in one scale with Goblin

Source: Kryl'ya rodiny magazine 8' 1995


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The Potential carrier - a Myasischev heavy long range strategic bomber . ОКB-482 (1946)
1) project with AM-39FTK, piston engine
accounting range -14000 km
max speed -625 km/h
2) with turboprop engine
max speed -700-750 km/h
3) with turbojet
crew - 14 person
weight empty - 65000 kg
loaded - 112000 kg
bombloaded normal, -4000 kg
max, -20000 kg
armament gun - 10 x 23 mm
Project HLRSB OKB-482 in perfect impression J.Gatial :,1660.0.html
Source : S.GANIN. A.KARPENKO V.KOLNOGOROV "Homeland (russian) bombers" Vol. 1 2001


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Great Find Borovik. Thanks.

Any idea about he time frame of these concepts ?

A long time ago, I saw a drawing from a Russian publication of a Tu-4 with four(6?) parasite
aircraft below the wings.Unfortunately the drawing is lost.
Parasite aircraft were of a different configuration. Could they
be from the Yakovlev OKB ?
Aircraft Complex of the Interception Striking Enemy Aircraft.
In 1948 in OKB-115 A.YAKOVLEV was winnowed development of the light small fighter Yak-40 (first with this name) with powerful cannon arms.
Aircraft complex of the interception striking enemy aircraft with use plane-wombs and fighters-interceptors with small length of the flight.

(Apologize for its bad english :'()


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On this topic, Convair designed a nuclear-powered anti-submarine warfare flying boat in the late 1950's that was to carry two parasite fighters. A 30-inch-diameter tunnel would lead through the wings to the fighters, allowign the pilot to spend his time in the main aircraft's spacious fuselage. But the ride down the length of the tunnel would have had to have been pretty spooky... because shielding that holw tunnel adequately would be weight prohibitive, so the pilot would get nuked in transit. Fun...

More info:

Video of XF-85 Goblin on YouTube:
Weaver - great video I always watch this early test flight stuff with amazement so dangerous, crazy.

I also think of "News article from the future/past"

XF-85 Goblin cancelled after turbulence causes pilot to crash land. Congressional inquiry to investigate billion dollar defense boondoggle.


Hypothetical CONVAIR "GB-60" Turboprop Picket Patrol Mothership & McDonnell F-85A/B Goblin Parasite Fighters With Trapeze Capture System
Pretty Simple 1998 Art Of Mine Drawn With Micrografx v.5​
Drawings of the 1948 Yakovlev development of the light small parasite fighter, the Yak-40 (first use of the designation).


Аэрокосмическое обозрение 2013-06 (Aerospace Review issue 67)


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Cutaway McDonnell XF-85 Goblin, author Ramay for McDonnell date 6-5-1946


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Model of Convair parasite fighter found on eBay.

CONVAIR AIRCRAFT USAF Strategic Bomber Parasite Fighter Concep Model. Metal construction with a 5" fuselage and 3.5" wingspan. This was originally part of a larger bomber proposal that included this and other style parasite fighter designs. Near mint with just a small paint chip to one wingtip.



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That fell off a Douglas 1211 bomber ...


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Nice find Triton,

it's Convair XP-92 in parasite configuration.

investigation for small jet fighters loaded on the huge transport aircraft
Cutaway D. Podorzhevskiy, Soviet concet parasite Fighter author Motocar


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Cutaway D.Pokorzhovskiy, now wiht key cutaway, author Aviagraphica and modified by Motocar


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Real documents from Pokarzhevsky archiev


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