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26 May 2006
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Hi my dears,

I intend to open a new topic for WW1 little known aircraft
and projects (from 1910 to 1920),what are your opinions ?.
it is too old or not,because I have a few aircraft around that time.
Hi hesham!

I think that it's a GREAT idea to have this new topic! There are MANY very interesting aircraft from the era you wish to cover (1910-1920), and the Secret Projects website should cover ALL eras of aviation!

It might also be interesting to start talking about aircraft (built and unbuilt) from before 1903, for there were many interesting ideas from that era as well!

ecret Projects website should cover ALL eras of aviation!

Count on me ;), let's start posting.
I'm need to find a very interesting rocket powered designs...
forgive me,

I am too busy now but I will start about that amazing subject,I want from you to share
with me because I have a few of projects in this period.
Ok, then I'll start and hope nobody mind, that this apparatus, which really was a
flying machine and no combined harvester didn't fly before 1920, so not exactly in the
1910 - 1920 era.
It is the Helicopter N°2 built by the frenchman Etienne Oemichen and first flown
in 1922.
Although it is generally called one of the first helicopters, it actually is a VTOL
design, because it is a compound and forward motion is achieved not by the four
rotors, but by the eight propellers.


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