Your opinion please (Again a MS.660 question)


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Mar 11, 2006
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Sorry for bothering you again and again with this lousy little aircraft, but as I was busy most of this year with another
theme, this chapter still is unfinished and needs some research. And be assured, that this little thing already took me
MUCH longer, than most “secret” projects….

I want your opinion to the following problem:
I have five 3-views from different sources, even including one, that was published by the manufacturer himself … but I
still have difficulties in trusting them, especially in one point: To my opinion the windshield is too flat in all those drawings.
Today I once again compared them and found out, that cabin height is either too low in (all !) the side views, or too high
in (all !) the front views. By comparison with the two photos available, both showing the aircraft more or less from the same
angle, I would opt for the first case, but as this supports my own reconstruction, I may be a little bit biased, and that’s the
reason I’m asking for your opinion. You know: Subconscious may play tricks to me.

Another question is, if it is realistic tat 5 different publications got it wrong in the same way. Maybe all used the drawing
published by Morane Saulnier as basis ? A little bit strange, that the manufacturer should have made such a mistake, but
I have two brochures about other MS types and there, too, the general arrangement drawings are plagued by errors.
Or did they copy from each other, just changing details to prevent copy-right issues ?
Don’t know enough about the work of the publishers of aviation magazines during those “good old days” and as said
before: Maybe they all are right and I'm wrong.


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