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Just a question about ...


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Mar 11, 2006
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... a Morane Saulnier type, of course ! Sorry for that, but I promise, it's my last
question of this kind for this year ... ;D

Not a project, but at least quite "secret", the MS.660, intended to be sold as a
"kit plane", when it made its maiden flight in 1946. I got two (slightly different) photos
of the MS.660, and even a 3-view (Thanks again, richard ! ;) ), but of the MS.661,
the second prototype, I've one photo only, published in P.Gaillards "Les Avions Francais",
which was taken from the rear, so the forward part of the aircraft cannot be seen.
But ... the article I've got, featured an artist's impression, designated "MS.660" and even
showing the correct registration of the 660. But the main gear legs and the single struts
look like those of the MS.661, although the fin with its horn balanced rudder would
be typical for the MS.660 ...
So, would it be appropriate for you, to regard this artist's impression as a drawing of the
MS.661, or would this just mean overstretching the credibility of it ?


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