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11 March 2006
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I hope, nobody mind me misusing this forum, for a question about an aircraft, that didn't remain a project, but even reached the prototype stage. At least it seems, that many ligt aircraft of this era are shrouded in more secrecy then those glamorous jet fighters and bombers !
In this case it is the Morane Saulnier MS.570, I have problems with. Although I have two photos (One from http://www.aviafrance.com/, the other from http://www.hydroretro.net/etudegh/, more then of many other types !), both showing he same registration and even the type designation at the fin, there are distinctive differences between them, which I have outlined and shown separately. Additionally, the lower photo shows a fixed landing gear, whereas the upper one a retractable type, I think. The MS.570 is described as a 2- to 3-seater, which was derived, or maybe even modified from the MS.560 single seater. So my theorie is, that it started it's life as a 2-seat version with a broadened fuselage and a retractable landing gear like the MS.560 and without much differences to the contour of the canopy. A later change to the 3-seat configuration necessitated a new, longer and higher canopy and, because of the higher weight the landing gear was exchanged for a lighter fixed type.
As the whole series of the Morane aircraft from the MS.560 to the 660 seems to be full of uncertainties, I got a number of photos (but never enough !), but no reliable information, not in the mentioned websites, not in the Gaillard and not in the Fayer books.
And so, I think, it's no misnomer, to call them at least "secret prototypes" and ask for help here . ;)


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IMHO, the second photo shows an enlarged, specifically lenghtened, cockpit to add a third seat. In addition, it also seems to show that the landing gear doors have been moved completely to the aircraft structure instead of part of them being mounted on the gear.

Other interpretations?
No, that's my interpretation, too, thank you for answering !
Now the score is 2 : 0, so I'll proceed to add it to my collection ...
Maybe, one day a pile of documents from the Morane Saulnier
factory will appear and answer all questions, but I'm not willing
to wait until then !

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