Off on holiday - to Rome!

overscan (PaulMM)

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27 December 2005
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Well the wife and I are off to Rome for 5 days with my wife's parents. Wish me luck!

Should be a great holiday :)
Wish you a wonderful time, Paul! Come back soon and watch your luggage carefully)
I wish you best of luck.

Rome is wonderful place to wander around. I have never managed to follow a map or keep a schedule in Rome - and I never minded in the least. It absolutely insane how the street names change in every block....

Still, nothing beats Rome for a short holiday.
Hmm, in fact, I thought robbery...but having some experience with Alitalia and Italian airports, I'm not surprised...
Overscan, when in Rome go to Bracciano and then Vigna di Valle....


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It would be real trip in Porco Rosso mood)))
... whose engine is here... ;)


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Ahh Rome!

What a filthy place that was, though I must say the Vatican does a reasonably priced sandwich, but you must try to restain the 'Ian Paisley' reflex as shouting "No Popery" in Saint Peters Square will not go down well.

BTW the fountain in the center of the Square is safe to drink and is to my knowledge the only free water in Italy thats drinkable.

Oh and everyone wants a tip.
Well Rome was great actually.

Dirty? Yes. Amazing? Definitely.

I did consider taking Richard Dawkin's "The God Delusion" round the Vatican but decided against it.
Actually, in today's Rome you risk more from the occasional "moderate jihadist" than from any hot-headed Swiss guiard... ;)

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