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New Luft46 Kit


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Nov 23, 2007
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The Arado Ar. E555-10 is available as a full resin kit. The pattern and casting is by Anigrand and the kit is sold only at www.capehobby.com 1/72 scale, clear resin canopies, decals by Condor, and only 65 kits were produced. Price-119.95USD For some pics of the master: http://s219.photobucket.com/albums/cc246/luft46bob/ The Ar. E555-10 is different from the Revell model kit; the Ar. E555-1. The Ar. E555-10 has twin tail booms, power is supplied by three BMW 109-018 turbojet engines, and there is a rear gunner station with two gun turrets. Check out the sub albums for some other Luft46 kits. Thanks!

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