Blohm & Voss P.197


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23 November 2007
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This Luft46 aircraft has never been produced as a kit; until now! The pattern and casting was done by Marcelo of Antares Models. There are only 50 kits available. Each 1/72 scale kit includes 19 nicely cast resin parts, 8 white metal parts, 2 vacuformed canopies (1 spare), decal sheet, and instructions. This kit (CHG-014) is ONLY sold by CapeHobby&Gift - The price is 42.95USD plus shipping. CapeHobby is in the USA and ships worldwide. Click on the link below to see pictures of the kit parts. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!
Yes, I know about Planet Models. If you are asking if they have a BV P.197, the answer is no.
Sorry (English is not my mother language and I have learnt at school that it is forbidden to say aircrafts, so aircraft as singular may design many planes. I dislike this language, while the language of my country is even worse... I would have preferred Esperanto maybe as international and worlwide language).
The Czech Planet collection was speaking English as everybody here, they had no P.197 (I have their P.196), OK.
No Problem! Your English is very good. You had me worried for a minute, when you thought that Planet had released a BV P.197. I had to check again, just to make sure! BV P.196; a Forked Ghost! I found your site a couple of years ago and put it into my favorites. It's a very nice site!

Thank you for the kind words about the Ar E.555-10. It is expensive, but it's a big piece of resin.

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