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5 February 2008
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This image of this ship was borrowed from a site dealing in 1/1250 ships. I am interested in a three view of this ship.
It is no doubt some kind of Pocket or Panzer ship project. Perhaps by Zenker.
Any help in obtaining a three view or direction to a book in English or German which elaborates on the topic would be greatly appreciated.


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Looks like a monitor. What about looking here?
A monitor, or one of the German projects which led eventually to the pocket battleships.
But I'm away from my library and can't look for a week or so.
Hi Huckebein :),

please see:

It is a swedish monitor, projekt III from 1935. Interesting.
Thanks for all of your responses.

I stand corrected then as I assumed it must be German. Swedish, English, or German I really like this vessel. it very much resembles am oceam going tank.
Now I don't claim to be any sort of expert on naval matters but I wouldn't describe a monitor as an ocean going tank as I thought they were for coastal bombardment. I wouldn't see them faring very well in an ocean battle.

Just being picky... ;)

Seems the Germans on Marine-Forum were able to I.D. it reasonably.,7918.0.html
Thanks all for the help!
It seems it is definitely not German to which I am slightly chagrined. However what a neat ship nonetheless.

Then it's a British monitor?

You'll find it here ;)



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