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  1. EbalMamku666

    Did Austria have own fighter projects or prototypes after WWI?

    So, Austrians had Italian fighters Fiat CR.32 but why they didn't decide to develop their own fighters? Here's the pic of an Austrian CR. 32
  2. Grey Havoc

    4468 Mallard

  3. T

    Did the German 3,7 cm Flak SK C/36 exist?

    I am currently researching the history of automatic cannon and their ammunition and would appreciate some help with an obscure German naval AA gun: the 3,7 cm Flak SK C/36. I have put down my thoughts on this almost unknown project as follows: The evidence in favour of its existence is as...
  4. Grey Havoc

    CA class Midget submarines (Royal Italian Navy)

    An interesting midget submarine that became a vital part of an even more interesting operation of the Decima Flottiglia MAS that came close to fruition in 1943 (it was ultimately scheduled for December of that year, but events intervened). Development of the CA-class had begun pre-war, in 1938...
  5. Grey Havoc

    Kalinin K7

  6. Antonio

    III Reich Aircraft Carrier Projects

    A very nice article on Graf Zeppelin from Roy C. Nesbit can be found at Aeroplane's March 2007 issue. a) In 1936, the keels of two carriers were laid down: Flugzeugtrager A (later Graf Zeppelin) and Flugzeugtrager B (latter Peter Strasser). b) In addition, Grossadmiral Erich Raeder, put...