NACA VTOL supersonic bomber


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5 April 2006
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In the latest APR I include a short article on a VTOL bomber studied in the late 1950's by the NACA. Not much is known about it apart from general layout... it's unclear whether it's an in-house NACA design or a corporate design. Even dimensions are at best hazy. However, I didn;t let that stop me from trying to reconstruct it...


This issue is very large (90 or so pages), so it costs a little more. Unless you're a subscriber, in which case it doesn't. The page for this issue:

The basic eAPR webpage:
The way the wings are pivoted and the shape of the fuselage reminds me of the Bell D-188 supersonic VTOL fighter/fighter-bomber. Bell may have teamed up with NACA to investigate swivelling turbojets for VTOL fighters because it knew that the tailsitter concept was impractical and saw value in lift jets after testing the X-14.
The very short range of this thing might prove unpractical for any bomber mission. Strange concept that might have been an attempt to compete again an howitzer...

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