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Mystery: FGS Schwarzwald Replenishment Ship?


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Jan 3, 2006
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Here's the image from a 3D blueprint site:


By all appearances, this drawing in very similar to the Indian Navy replenishment tanker INS Aditya that was completed at Garden Reach, Calcutta in 2000 after a very protracted construction. Aditya was authorized in the India Navy's 1985(!) budget and purportedly was a stretched version of the Bremer Vulkan built INS Deepak of 1967. Here's a side profile: http://www.shipspotting.com/gallery/photo.php?lid=928793

The name Schwarzwald would be plausible for a West German/German navy vessel, as there was a small 1966 auxiliary of that name.

I'm completely in the dark as to the conception of the current Berlin class tankers, although I don't remember seeing any mention of them until about 1994, and they were always depicted with a single aft superstructure. It's also worth noting that the Berlin class were built by Flensberger, not Bremer Vulkan which ceased operating in 1997. It's not impossible that Bremer Vulkan had a replenishment ship proposal in the 20 years between the commissioning of the Type 104 tankers in 1974 and the announcement of the EGV Type 702 class in circa 1994.

My only other observation is that FGS (Federal German Ship) is a NATO prefix that the Germans have never used themselves. If this drawing came from a publication, it most likely wasn't German language.