Mitsubishi Ki-97 Experimental Transport project (Ki-67 derivative)


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20 November 2008
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hi Folks Ive read an article in the magazine aeroplane (2004) about experimental Japanese transports.
I saw an air craft that i never heard of namely the competitor of the Tachikawa Ki-92 its configuration
was very like of that of the Tachikawa design twin engined .
But this aircraft had a very advanced stream lined nose,comparable to the Ki-77 also from the Tachikawa company.
Now I'm looking for more drawings or artist impressions of this very modern looking aircraft,i hope some one could make me very happy.
greets T-50
blackkite said:
Hi! Mitsubishi Ki-97
Crew/Passenger:2/21, Engine:HA104(Air cooling radial 18 cylinders with forced cooling fan, 1900hp take off), Wing span:23.0m, Length:20.0m, Height:5.7m, Wing area:67.5m2,
Dry weight:8,450kg, Payload:4,550kg, MTOW:13,000kg,Max speed:546km/h(5,400m),
Range:2,580km. Terminated in September 1944 by IJA's order.

Source:My No.2 bible.


"The Mitsubishi Ki-97 was to have been a transport aircraft based on the Mitsubishi Ki-67 Hiryu. It would have used the wings, tail surfaces, engines and undercarriage of the Ki-67 combined with a new elliptical transport fuselage capable of carrying 21 passengers. Work on the project began in February 1943, but by the time the project was abandoned in 1945 had reached no further than the mock-up stage. Work on the Ki-97 was cancelled in 1945 to allow Mitsubishi to concentrate on the far more urgent problem of home defence."
Can someone post a 3 view of the Ki-67 to compare with the Ki-97? I'm curious if the wings and tail are really borrowed from the '67.
Hi Blackkite you can see the ancestry between the the Ki-67 hiryu and the Ki-97,especially the wings and the engine nacelles are in my opinion the same.
but nevertheless its a very nice aircraft,if it had the Chance to fly

Here is a 3 view of the Ki-97 cargo plane derived from Hiryu.



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gerhard said:

Here is a 3 view of the Ki-97 cargo plane derived from Hiryu.

Thanks a lot. gerhard.

from Le FANA 425,the Mitsubishi Ki-97 cargo transport
aircraft,and its early drawing.


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Yes, Giuseppe "Joe" Picarella's work with this book is outstanding. For those unaware, he is Flight International's Senior Technical Artist. If ever you need to contact them re a drawing or cutaway, he will often answer you directly and very promptly. :)

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