Mil' Mi-8 Next Generation Concept


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1 April 2006
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Model was entitled 'Mi-8 Next Generation Concept'

All photos courtesy Muxel (c)


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Thanks Flateric.

The "Mi-8M" title on the tailboom seems a little generic. I wonder, where would an 'NG' Mi-8 leave the Mi-38?
Looks a lot like an S-92 Superhawk in general layout & appearance.
Looks more like an S-61R/HH-3E Jolly Green Giant IMHO.Just smaller sponsons.As far as the Mi-38 goes,I'd say theres still life to it but is this Mi-8NG new build or and upgrade programe? If it is an upgrade of existing airframes,theres alot of Mi-8 customers out there and an upgrade may make more sense then buying new aircraft and then have to retrain aircrew.
While I suppose that it could be a retrofit concept (thus the Mi-8M) vice a new start. You get to a point where retrofits become more expensive than new starts. I would imagine that there is a plan to have either option.


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Apophenia said:
Thanks Flateric.

The "Mi-8M" title on the tailboom seems a little generic. I wonder, where would an 'NG' Mi-8 leave the Mi-38?

Exactly my question ! Are there any news about the latest progress on the Mi-38's project ??

Cheers, Deino
Deino said:
Apophenia said:
Thanks Flateric.

The "Mi-8M" title on the tailboom seems a little generic. I wonder, where would an 'NG' Mi-8 leave the Mi-38?

Exactly my question ! Are there any news about the latest progress on the Mi-38's project ??

Cheers, Deino

Second prototype (OP-2) will be built in Kazan according to Helicopters Of Russia, (an OJSC under umbrella of Oboronprom) chief Shibitov. Program was suffering from the unregular funding from the government, but now it seems to ne OK with funds. UMPO is ready to invest 190 million roubles in program (total investments are said to be 480 million roubles), and have signed a protocol of intentions regarding PW 127/TS engine with Helicopters Of Russia, PW Canada and TsIAM. UMPO says it will assembly and test PW 127/TS at the factory, next step will be producing Mi-38 components at UMPO as well. Meanwhile, Ukrainian Motor Sich CEO Boguslaev screaming of strange lack of interest from the Russian side in cooperation (Ka60/62 engines given to Klimov instead going for VK 1500, Mi-38 gets PW Canada's 127/TS instead of VK 2500 or TVZ-117VMA-SBM1B) - he talking of probable personal interests in the case, and then goes to conclusion that Mi-38 is a copy of Mi-171 in terms of characteristics - so why it needed at all? Guy probably don't read newspapers and don't know how Russian-Ukrainian partnership in aerospace is affected by politics ...
Series production of Mi-38 start is scheduled for 2010-2011, with total 250 production run till 2025.
I found the Pratt & Whitney Canada news release encouraging.

P&WC said (on 15 May 2008): "Russian certification of the PW127TS engine is planned for 2011, while the MI-38 entry into service is scheduled for 2012". What makes those dates seem firmer than the other 'forward looking statement' stuff is that "P&WC will be responsible for developing a turboshaft version of its PW127 engine and having it certified to Transport Canada and Russian standards".

Since the cost of western certification has been a stumbling block for a number of potential Russian exports, this seems like a big deal. CAR 529 (Canadian Air Regulations) is accepted as equivalent to FAR-/JAR-29. AP-29 is already covered by the agreement. Sounds like a go to me.
A side issue ...

Since the Mi-38 rotor blades were first tested on an Mi-8, might that mean that we'll be seeing those funky Mi-8 NG blades offered on production Mi-38s?
I damn don't know. BTW, NG Mi-8 in-house designation is Mi-8X (what should you expect else?), at the exhibit it carried 'Mi-8
M' at the tailboom.
Thanks flateric. The Mi-8X designation led me to this:

"Mil is funneling the bulk of its resources into three major programs: the Mi-28N night attack helicopter, the civilian Mi-38 and dual-purpose Mi-8X. The three helicopters will share the same glass cockpit, blades, rotors, gearboxes, engines and flight control system, making transition from one to another easier for operators."

and this from Flight

"Helicopter Holding will market a unified "trio" of next generation medium-class (11-15t maximum take-of weigh) helicopters - the civilian Mi-38, the Mi-28N anti-tank helicopter and the Mi-8X dual-purpose helicopter. The three will share engines, gearboxes, main and tail rotors and onboard systems.

CIS certification

Having completed manufacturer's trials last year, the Mil Mi-38 is undergoing certification with CIS aviation authorities in the view of service entry in 2011. The helicopter has a hingeless mast, composite blades and anX-like tail rotor. "Flight-tested on an Mi-38 and Mi-28N, these innovations will find their way onto the Mi-8X, promising a considerable reduction in operating costs per flying hour," says Mil general designer Aleksei Samusenko. UTair, the world's largest commercial rotor­craft operator, and other Russian companies placed tentative orders for more than 100 helicopters. "We are going to complete the Mi-38's certification and production preparations in three years, and then apply its innovations to the Mi-8X," Samusenko says.

Helicopter Holding says the Mi-38 will supplement, rather than supersede, the Mi-8/17 in the civilian markets, particularly in regions such as Europe, leaving tougher territories, such as Siberia and Africa, to the more robust Mi-8/17. But the Mi-38/Mi-8X pair will face stiff competition from Eurocopter, Sikorsky and AgustaWestland medium-class designs.
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