Mayenberger sporting amphibian

This designer was from Argentina.
hesham said:
This designer was from Argentina.

As the name implies... ::)

Well, AviaDejaVu also came to the same conclusion:

However, all that the article actually says is:

In a recent issue of our South American contemporary Aviacion (Buenos Aires) there appeared a brief description of a small and somewhat novel amphibian " one-and-a-half-plane," the invention, it appears, of one Hermann Mayenberger.

It is likely that this Mayenberger was a European expatriate, given his German name. However, I haven't been able to find any other reference to him other than indexes or items referring to that single Flight article. And so all that we know for sure is that an Argentine publication wrote an item on the project.
Stéphane Koechlin, in Dernier vol pour l'enfer (Fayard, ISBN: 9782213681702), describes Mayenberger as "directeur de l'aéro-club Aleman" (Director of the German Aero Club). That's not definitive, of course, but it strongly suggests a German immigrant to Argentina.

BTW: It was Mayenberger and the Aero Club Alemán who paid Ernst Udet's expenses (for U 1 and U 6 monoplanes) to attend the Wilbur Cup races in Buenos Aires.
Many thanks my dear Skyblazer and Apophenia.

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