Martin Model 189

My dear Justo
The martin model 179 was the B.26.
I see somewhere one of the first studies with a twin fin.
but I have no detail.
Here you show another model 179 ? Are you sure, as if I
look at the low right corner of your document I read "189"
Nevertheless this is very interesting for me as I know this
Plane ( a very little image) but no detail.
Thank you if you could tell me
Can a moderator change the title of this topic to "Martin Model 189" for future reference? Thanks!

By the way, the Model 189 was the initial project for the MX-34 / XC-218 proposal, in other words the XB-33. The actual XB-33A project (the Super Marauder) was Model 190.
Changed.See also the 'U.S Bombers' thread started by
my yearslong friend Pome..
Very interesting : was a proposed version with some technical data or simply a concept plane based on core of future B-26 ? ???
It was very serious. The canard was just one of a score in configurations.

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