Martin Model 177

As per the Martin model designations list, the Model 177 was a project for an attack bomber for the US Army Air Corps that was submitted in response to the 1939 CP 39-400 requirement and Specification C-103A. The American Secret Projects volume about projects from the 1937-1945 period has the following specs for the Model 177:

Baseline 177 design:
Crew: 3
Span: 61 feet 4 in (18.69 m)
Length: 46 feet 7 in (14.20 m)
Armament: 0.30 in machine gun in dorsal turret, 0.50 in machine gun in rear fuselage turret; one 1,100 lb bomb, 2x 600 lb bombs, 4x 300 lb bombs, 8x 100 lb bombs

Model 177A design:
Span: 50 feet 0 in (15.24 m)
Length: 41 feet 5 in (12.62 m)

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