manned A.4/V.2 derivatives and projects


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2 January 2006
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"..similar proposals were schemed in germany"

About the manned V2 with this fancy cockpit, hm, don't really believe in it,
but maybe ...
But the A4 was developed from 1939 on, with its first flight in 1942, so I really
think, there were other thoughts and sorrows, than to bring a man into space
and its hard to imagine, which military task could be fulfilled with such a manned
capsule. And when Germany was able to develop rockets again, they probably
weren't based on the A4 any more, I think.
The BIS proposal had no military use; it was purely for research. Strictly speaking it was an enlarged version of the V2, and so it could well be regarded as an early imagining of the Redstone (and the Mercury capsule atop it!)
I agree, I thought there was a thread somewhere around here debunking the idea of a post 1940 German space program. By the way, does anyone know if the Richtoffen quote (about inevitability of space flight) is genuine?.
From the Soviet side, you have Tikhonravov's VR-190 proposal for a manned V2-type rocket. Here's the thread on that:,5068.0/highlight,vr-190.html

These images are taken from one of the books written by Friedrich Georg ::) - be careful with the 'knowledge' of this man.

BTW, would you like to enter the cockpit using such a 'chicken ladder' as in picture a4pci4.jpg? Herr Georg loves to create models to support his conspiracy theories ... see example picture in,3247.msg26294.html#msg26294
here Famous sketch of Von Braun of Tree men fits in A-4 Nose

"Advanced Versions of the V-2 rocket"

also very good
"The Story Of Peenemunde, Or What Might Have Been."
the two to find here
Just read in Hans-Jürgen Beckers "NASA" book, that a captured A 4 rocket was used to test
the separation of the jettisonable nose section of the Bell X-2. Should have been an interesting
vehicle. Anybody who has a photo or drawing ?

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