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13 December 2006
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Hello and good day.

Okay, this has sat on the back burner long enough.

A while back (okay, _several_years_ago_) I took over the domain name of William Moore's old site and he graciously sent me the copies of the content he'd worked up for it. I spent some time getting everything sorted out, reformatted, posted, and linked onto the new site. That was a buncha work and I got burnt out plowing through it all. Then I got distracted with life (new job, loss of new job, romance, new job, newer new job, newer newer new job, end of romance - you know, the usual) so the site work got paused.

Well, time to get it unstuck.

And for that I'd appreciate your help.

I got things up and running the best I could. But I know there's broken links or incorrectly labeled stuff on it and I'd appreciate your keen eyes giving it the once over twice.

I'd also appreciate new content for the place. There's been progress in the Luft 46 world since William first posted many of those original articles so any new news would be greatly appreciated.

I'm looking for kit reviews, build reviews, industry news, and so on. All and only Luft 46 related. Once I get this site fully up and running I might then set out to do a matching site for all the "What If?" and "Secret Project" Allied subjects.

In the meantime though, please drop on by my site and make comment - either here or to me directly.



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