Non paypal UK user: Help needed to get Bomber Secret Projects and stuff

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27 September 2006
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Can any younger and more techno friendly user of this site provide me with a hard copy of the new Secret Projects Bombers Preview in return for a UK Bank Cheque?

For reasons which are too pathetic to go into I really avoid all electronic financial transactions but UK Banks make it almost impossible to transfer money outside the country except for large amounts.

I am happy to pay a suitable fee and ensure that the copy is for my use only as a long time enthusiast.

Otherwise I suppose I will have to wait for Tony Buttler's book. But then I would miss Sentinel Chicken's artwork of which I am a longtime fan having first come across his work onlin in 2002/3 or so.

UK 75
(over 50 and somewhat backward)
If Scott has no problems with such a transaction I can pay for You via PayPal and then send You a CD-ROM !

Just a PM with Your address !!

Cheers, Deino :)
I think he wants a printed copy.

I'm happy to pay Scott via Paypal in exchange for a UK cheque, but I can't easily print it out. If a PDF is OK, then Scott will email it as usual.

Deino, Overscan

Thanks for the help. A CD Rom would be a great help. Trouble is I do not have a computer at home, so the PDF stuff might be difficult via Yahoo e-mail. I use the computer at my local library and I can read a CD Rom there.

Yours stuck on Mars

UK 75

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