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5 April 2006
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For issue V2N5 of Aerospace Projects Review, I am going to run a companion article to Dennis Jenkins’ piece on the Convair Aerospaceplane design. The new article will describe a number of the competing designs, including but not limited to:

Lockheed CL-510

Boeing Model 832/879

Douglas Model 2235

Martin Astroplane

Republic Mach 25

I have drawings galore to illustrate this article, and I will be creating new line drawings as well. But I have nothing really “eye catching.” I haven’t the skills to create good color art, but a lot of other people do… so I’m looking for help here. The best I can do is offer a year’s subscription to APR, along with the eternal glory and possible job offers that may come from having your art published in APR. So if you think you’d like to create artwork (at a minimum, same-scale side views of the above-mentioned six concepts; possibly also isometrics, perspective views, beauty passes, etc.), please PM me a sample of your previous work, or email here:

Assuming a number of prospective artists sign up (and hey, who wouldn’t?), in a week of so I’ll pick a few of the most promising, and send one the ASP concepts along to see what you can do. And some time after that I’ll boil it down to one or two winners. The winners will have several months to complete the art.
Here's an irritatingly (and intentionally) low-rez preview. All of these designs and more will be shown in some considerable detail.

Again, anybody feels they would like to try their hand at art, let me know.


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