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26 August 2007
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Hello all,

I'd like to know if there are any aviation publications whom would potentially hire me as part of their permanent staff.

Tried AOPA Magazine, Plane & Pilot, and Aviation Week; so far AOPA looks to have some potential sometime in the future, but I would like for something more immediate and definite for the time being.
It's a zoo out there. Print pubs, whether business to consumer (Flying) or business to business (AvWeek), have taken a pounding because nobody has worked out a way of making money on the Net the way that you could (in the old days) make money from print advertising.
The media these days are looking (ideally) for people with proven reporting skills, good knowledge of the business they're going into and web knowledge and experience. Specific advantages - engineering qualifications, military service, a pilot's license - help more or less with different magazines. The bad news for those starting out is that there are a lot of experienced people on the market, as local and regional papers shrink.
You need to assess what your value is to a publication and how you can present it, increase it or match it to the right company. The key is to find the right fit with the right magazine and the right editor.
I remember reading an old Roy Braybrook's thoughts on how it's to be an aviation journalist...resume - is it's damn hard job...and it was back in 80s...
Oh, flateric, just out of curiosity, I don't suppose you work for some sort of aviation publication (your posts on these boards, your knowledge, and some of the information you have access to lend me to believe so)? If so, I don't suppose you can vouch for me? :p
There are people on the forum who work for Aviation Week, for example. Flateric isn't one of them.
Yeah he just knows everyone in aviation.

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