Long-nacelled Meteor F.IIIs

phil gollin

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19 September 2007
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As we are talking of old Meteors, how about this.

The main visual difference between the F.III and F.4 was the longer nacelles on the engines. Supposedly the last 15 production F.IIIs were produced with longer nacelles.

Does anyone know which airframe numbers these were and when the production line change occured.

(If people don't know the answer, do they know where any Meteor experts are located so that I could ask them)

Also, could this have been done any earlier ?
In the Aerofax issue about the Meteor, I could only find
the first F.IV prototype (still with Roman numbers !) ,
the converted F.III EE360, modified after the succesful
test run of the Derwent V at 7th June 1945 and first flown
on 15th August 1945.

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