Lockheed ASTOVL, JAST, JSF projects

And no F-35s on 11 LHA/Ds (eventually). None on Japanese, South Korean, and others' carriers. IMO the trade was worth it.
i understand that, but if you compare the number of STOVL F-35 bought and the conventional variants for the Air force and Navy, and other countries that bought the F-35, the STOVL variant was bought in smaller numbers, Lockheed is gaining most of it's money on the sales for the F-35, on the conventional variants, mostly the simpler one, the F-35A.
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Imho the F-35 as a whole is indeed a game changer in capability... The problem in the US is rather that F-22 production was stopped at 187 and a "stealthy" F-14 successor wasn't introduced either. The result is the capability gap the F-35 cannot fill (and was never intended to).
From Lotnictwo 1991-11/12.
I think that's a translated article straight out of Aerospace America. I think the pics are the exact same as was in the AA (AIAA Publication) that I read in school back in the eighties.
I see the j-20 or natf-23 or this and I wonder why the angle in which the canards sit are not same with the horizontal plane of the wings. Wouldn't this introduce an additional RCS spike?

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