Letting it "Die on the Vine"


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21 April 2009
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I have posted on several occasions that it is the intent of "certain" politicians (we all know who and what side of the political spectrum they are on) will unilaterally disarm the entire nuclear arsenal through neglect. Article from Aviation Week.

http://www.aviationweek.com/aw/generic/story_generic.jsp?channel=defense&id=news/B61-071509.xml&headline=White House Strains For B61 Bomb Request

Don't be fooled by what contradictions are coming out of the White House. This is the game the Democrats play when they control government. In order to provide cover for Obama to be a pretend hawk on defense the House or Senate will do the dirty work because come election time the President can say he opposed this. It won't hurt the Democrats in the election because no one Congressman or Senator can be pinned with it. Watch Washington closely.

Dude: While I agree with you, it's a bit beyond the scope of the forum, and such blatant partisanship will likely earn the ire of Ye Olde Moderators. Even though you're right.
Orionblamblam - I appreciate your candor but "The Bar" states "post ANYTHING off-topic here". In theory that should mean the ability to post my chocolate chip cookie recipe. I am a proponent of the philosophy that "language means something" So if "anything" does not mean "partisan political commentary" I have been misinformed what anything means so I humbly apologize.

From the Online Dictionary - Anything; Any object, occurrence, or matter whatever. I recall some recent posts about Mondale and McNamara that seemed pretty one sided.
I suggest the intended purpose of The Bar was "post anything not strictly on topic but likely to be of interest to forum members".

Check the forum rules here:


Political posts are discouraged for good reasons.

A factual post indicating a possible change in nuclear weapons policy in the USA is, in my opinion, fine.

Don't be fooled by what contradictions are coming out of the White House. This is the game the Democrats play when they control government.

This crosses over into overt political opinion, which is discouraged as per forum rules.

Additionally it should be clear to all users that "anything" doesn't mean literally anything. Anything likely to cause offence is likely to be deleted for example.
I apologize for my transgression. I understand and appreciate the desire to keep this site "clean" of political opinion. I am happy to be a tiny part of a community so knowledgeable about aerospace and defense technology.

Unfortunately, historically there has been a lot of political meddling in defense technology development and it is frustrating to see capabilities deteriorating and potentially lost through neglect. It is especially troubling when nuclear nations, including the nascent nuclear wannabees North Korea and Iran, are continuing to research, develop and deploy new systems, while the US's entire nuclear enterprise "rusts away".

When the nation is doing the opposite of what it should be doing, IMHO - when it should be building the RRW, replacing MMIII, developing prompt global strike and researching "advanced nuclear weapons concepts - I guess I have a tendency to "post first" and think later.

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