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17 August 2006
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There were some competiters of P.108 before it has been chosen to produce. Some like Ca.204,Ca.211,Z1014,G.30B,S.404,and P.112 etc. those I never known, who can show me.
Posted here and elsewhere before;




P.112 developed from P.108 with different tail and nose.


I have all of them. Unfortunately, my scanner is out of order. If you have a couple of days' patience, I'll post them...

Hi, Paul! Yes, back at last.... Received all... And you? In the meantime my home PC went bang (HD....), so reconstructing the DB from backups.... Yesterday shipped another one, this is a surprise...

And now, for the all of you, the 1938-39 Long Range Bomber Competition projects...


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Wonderfull ! Fiat project unseen before.
This is one for under the Christmastree.. :)
Excellent. Many thanks for posting those.

Do you happen to have any stats for the Caproni types?
Cqaproni, yes, give me another day, and I'll post...

Merry Christams (very late) to you all, BTW.. :p

see also;,236.0.html
Ca-204. Span 31,5, length 23,2 m, GTOW 22,500 Kg, engine 4 Alfa 135, max speed 515 Km/h at 3200 m, cruise speed 456 Km/h, max range 4360 Km at 4500 m, 5 12,7 mm machine guns, crew 8
Ca 211, Span 31,5, length 24 m, GTOW 21,000 Kg, engine 3 IF L.180, max speed 536 at 5000 m, cruise speed 475 Km/h, max range 4930 at 4500 m, 5 12,7 mm machine guns, crew 8.The Ca.201 h a version with IF L.180 RC 60 for high altitude bombing (no pressurized cabin, although).
First round of selection selected the Ca.204 among others (there was no confidence in the still unproven IF engines)
excellent discussion! congratulations!

Someone knows the data of the FIAT G.30B and Piaggio p.112?
FIAt G-30B lenght 23 mts, span 31.7 mts, gtow 23,700 kgs, engines 4 GIAt A82s, max speed 480 Km/H at 4,000 mys, range, 4,000 Kms at 400 Km/h.
Piaggio P-112: lenght 22 mts, span 32 mts, gtow 22,500 kgs, engines 4 P.XXI, max speed 500 KM/h at 4,500 mts, range, 4000Kms at 400 Km/H

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