For that who regrettably until has a book Tony Buttler's 'Soviet Secret Projects, Fighters' .
Can offer information from journal "Planes of the world" 5.1997.
Except given brought on, there is one interesting nuance leading constructor on airframe configuration, main ideologues of the project was not Lavochkin, but S.ALEKSEEV admirer/supporter twin booms of the scheme (a little later working on project "150", Lavochkin has deflected an offer Alekseev's in favour of traditional scheme, to account second tail for fighter "architectral exaggeration/Architectral bells and whistles" (My apologies Tophe) :D
Engine : S-18 /1250kg
Weights: empty kg. 2640
loaded kg. 3300
fuel/oil kg 500
Lenght,m.: 9,00
Span,m.: 9,60
Wing area,m. 15
Height,m.: 2,7
Speed 890
Ceiling,m.: 15000
Range,km.: 140
Armament: 2x23 (120rpg)


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At I read "The Lavochkin bureau's response to Yosif Stalin's order of February 1945 to design and build a single-seat jet fighter around a Junkers Jumo 004B turbojet, the La-150 was…". So, do you think the picture with both twin-boom "Predvarityelnii Proyekt La 150" (preliminary project La 150) and single-boom La 150 may be dated 1945?

By 1 Nov. 1944 prototype designstudies had been completed but
because of reasons beyound designers control neither Gu-VRD nor La-VRD
were built.

Krylya Rodiny March 1996.

Maybe the initial design "150" on the drawing stemms from the same period.
So, do you think the picture with both twin-boom "Predvarityelnii Proyekt La 150" (preliminary project La 150) and single-boom La 150 may be dated 1945?
The small addition.
To beginning 1945 , Lavochkin's OKB/design-bureau already has completely moved in Moscow (plant 81)
Preliminary project La-150 (twn-booms) is dated February-March 1945,
"150"(single-boom) and "160" - an April 1945.
sources:"Planes of the world" 5.1997.
I have added on my web site
the preliminary La 150 of 1945, completing the VRD of 1944. Thanks again.
As was mentioned by Borovik. good article about La-VRD was published by G. Serov in the Russian magazine "Samolety Mira" #5-6 1997 (Airplanes of the World).

Here is a scheme from this article (the same as in Borovik's post but bigger)


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A few color artwork by Teodor Liviu Moroshanu from the Romanian "Aero Maagazin" # 3 / 02


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