Tsh-3 USSR ground attack aircraft 1932


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5 September 2007
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Well I just found some mention on this topic about this aircraft:

So here he goes:

"Heavy armored ground attack monoplane aircraft, built following the TTKh of the VVS command. Monoplane scheme was chosen by S.A.Kocherigin (head of attack aircraft brigade at the TsKB) after TSH-1 and TSH-2 failed satisfy the requirements and biplane solutions became obviously obsolete.
Airforce requirements included speed of 250km/h and ceiling 4000m. Aircraft had to carry strong armament in different combinations.
TSh-3 was built of metal and fabric. Front fuselage was a steel armour box held together by duralumin profiles frame. Front armour plate was 8mm thick. Side, bottom and back plates: 6mm, top plate: 5mm. Engine was not protected from the top. Retractable underfuselage radiator was protected by 6mm armour too. In the retracted ('attack') position cooling air was sucked in through the armored 'scoop' intake under the propeller, fraction of the heat also was absorbed by 106kg of water in the cooling system. Specially for this purpose radiator was made with oversize.
Tail section (behind the gunner's turret) was simple steel tube frame covered with fabric. It provided less than 10% of the airframe weight (55kg). Wing had duralumin frame and fabric cover. Each wing carried five ShKAS machineguns and three cartridges for six small shrapnel bombs each. Hardpoints were integrated into wing structure and could carry heavy bombs and Special Aircraft Mounted Devices (stays for chemical agent dispensers). Ailerons served also as a flaps.
TSh-3 was flown in 1932 by V.K.Kokkinaki. Performance was well above requirements of 1932. But... Trials and refinements continued until Spring 1934. Fast progress of aircraft designs made speed 250km/h already insufficient. Angular shape of the armour shell was the major obstacle.
The main purpose of the armored attacker was not well defined yet, and TSh-3 did not enter series production.
It took almost 8 years before Ilyushin's Il-2 emerged as an fully operational heavy armored aircraft with exceptional performance."

from here:

I'm attaching some pictures, a basic 3d view and a nice render from a game. The render was the one which call my attention to this very nice plane ;) .

Maybe someone has a more detailed 3d view or pictures?


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Mole said:
Wow, ten ShKas machine guns?!? That's 10 x 1800 RPM or 300 rounds per second!

You're right :eek: I didn't the math. This is really firepower.

Borovik thanks, I was waiting for you ;) . That drawing is a lot like the plane in the game.
Putnam's 'Soviet Aircraft and Aviation 1917-1941' by Lennart Andersson does not offer much more info.
It says the TSh-3 (TsKB-24) was designed by S.A. Kocherigin and M.I. Gurevich. It quotes different armour figures, 5-8mm. The entry also says that two prototypes were built and that development continued until spring 1934 when the type was abandoned, but it does not state the reasons why.
Span 16.5 m; length 10 m; wing area 45.04 m sq; empty weight 2665 kg; loaded weight 3557 kg; maximum speed 247 km/h; landing speed 95 mk/h; climb to 3,000 m in 10.7 min; ceiling 5,800 m; endurance 2.5 hours and range 470 km.
I'm building a flying scale model of this airplane. A while back, as I was looking for documentation I found only one picture of the plane, but now I can't locate where I found it. The picture shows 7 exhaust pipes which is unexpected considering the plane was powered by a Mikulin M-34 engine (V12). I was hoping you guys might have an idea, Photoshop maybe ;D ?

If you have any suggestions as to where I can look for more info on this airplane, that would be great!

Thanks in advance,



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Despite the fact that the plane was built in 1933 and even tested , but no pictures of the aircraft or its fragments are still found. Also not found any ( original ) drawings.
Perhaps these will be small consolation screenshots of 'World of Warplanes' where rendering is done on real prototypes , in this case based on book V.B.Shavrov " History of aircraft design in the USSR until 1938 ." And he took the information Shavrov dated from the 1933 document entitled " Description, weight and measures aircraft TSh -3 (TsKB-4)" , which he found in the collections of the Scientific and memorial museum N.E. Zhukovsky.

Interesting. This photo has never seen before.
(7 exhaust pipes - leave the conscience of the artist retoucher. (Possible))


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Borovik, thank you very much. I'm not sure if you can see it yet attached to my previous post, I have a picture of what I believe is of the TSh-3. I'll base my model on that in this case.

Best regards,

A little more information on the TSh from a piece in the Russian Aviation Research Group Bulletin No 142 written by VI Perov and OV Rastrenin on SA Kocherigin aircraft.

At the end of 1932 Kocherigin began development of the TSh-3 (Tyazhelyi Shturmovik=heavy armoured attacker) strutted low-wing armoured ground attack monoplane.

Powered by M-35F engine, problems with cooling were never entirely solved. The types protective armour was strong and weighed about 576 kg. Its angular construction generated much drag and hindered performance.

Two examples built for the company flight development trials at 39 GAZ where Ilyusin also directed the TsKB. The types tactical technical requirements were drawn up by SV Ilyushin who was working at the Scientific Commission of the UVVS. It never entered the Soviet State Acceptance Programme and no other examples were built. It was Kocherigin's first attempt at a single-seat armoured ground attack aircraft.


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Hi-res plans of TSh-3

From O.Rastrenin/M.Timin lection on TacticMedia YT channel about soviet ground attack aircrafts of 1930s


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I am sure the aircraft in the head-on photograph is not the Tsh-3: it is too small, wing is the wrong shape, and the undercarriage is wrong. I think the Tsh-3 is the aircraft in the distance between the wingtip and the edge of the photo.
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