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12 July 2006
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What was the Kawasaki Ku-X ??? A commuter project? Must be mentioned in an older Interavia magazine from 1989 ...
My dear Blackkite,

do you hear about this Kawasaki project ?.
Hi! Sorry I don't know this project. I will try to find some information about this.
May be my dear Blackkite,

thank you for your help.
>The report about the passenger plane YPX of 100~150 seats of Kawasaki Heavy Industries was published to the Aviation Week and Flight International in August 2008.
The outline of a report was as follows.
>(1) Kawasaki Heavy Industries is scheduled to develop YPX during about ten years.
>(2) The body scale of the YPS passenger plane is aiming at the crevice where it does not compete with Mitsubishi MRJ (7692 seats), and competition with the next-generation passenger plane (150 or more seats) under concept of the Boeing and an airbus is also avoided. However, it competes with C series which Bombardier, Inc. is developing. <blockquote>(3) A cost of operation is lower than 737 -700 passenger plane for expression about 15%. But the economic effectuation of about 15% is insufficient, and the opinion of the passenger plane which will come out from now on that the cost cutter of at least 30 percent or more should be realized compared with the machine for expression is also strong. </blockquote><blockquote>(4) In promotion of a plan, in the idea which wants to obtain cooperation of Japan Aircraft Development Corporation (JADC), Kawasaki Heavy Industries may also have participation of the Fuji Heavy Industries the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries if shape is taken.
On the other hand, since Governor Ishihara of Tokyo had advocated the concept that Asian nations would develop an airplane together, Japan taking leadership previously, two ideas may become together.
Aero Industry Development Center (AIDC) of Taiwan will also participate then.
</blockquote><blockquote>(5) About the technical side of YPX, XP-1 for the Self-Defense Forces which Kawasaki is developing, and C-X are to foundations.
Probably the body diameter of YPX is the same as that of XP-1, and the possibility that a wing box and a tail will become the same thing as YPX is large.
Then, 10~15% of the structure of YPX will become XP-1 and C-X in common.
However, since each Japanese maker is concerned with the body of the combined materials of the Boeing 787, or manufacture of a wing, if YPX will also use combined materials, the similarity with a Self-Defense-Forces machine will decrease.
Anyway, new technology should be taken in by body structure and the weight per seat becomes light rather than present Bombardier or an Embraer machine.
</blockquote><blockquote>(6) A possibility of an engine of becoming a geared turbofan is large like Mitsubishi MRJ, and Pratt & Whitney PW1000G has gone up to the leading candidate. </blockquote><blockquote>(7) As a standard of a design, cabin seats are five rows of right and left.
As for seating accommodation, normal YPX-11 has 113 seatsare, smaller YPX-10 has 93 seats and larger YPX-12 has 137 seats.
</blockquote><blockquote>(8) Each cruising range is 4,260 km.
It is also said that this can be lengthened to 5,930 km.
As for maximum takeoff weight, largest YPX-12 is 56.9 tons.
The engine thrust is 9.2 tons each. Number of engines are 2.
</blockquote><blockquote>(9) The Kawasaki Heavy Industries is advancing the research and development by the computer and wind tunnel experiment on such YPX, and is also manufacturing the cabin mock-up. </blockquote><blockquote>(10) It is also proposing to the airline further and the hope of 3~40 percent of cost reduction has come out from Lufthansa and SAS.
Moreover, there is also an airline which urges it to make body weight light.
</blockquote><blockquote>(11) Development costs are assumed to be 158,800 million yen.
If development is decided, the government will do a loan free of interest for the 1/3.
The price per set seems to change to about 3,200 million yen.

But I don't read the news about this airliner recently.


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