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27 December 2005
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A US Navy programme, at present in the Concept Formulation stage, is aimed at developing a Light Airborne Multi-Purpose System (LAMPS), to utilise helicopters for a variety of missions while operating from, and extending the capabilities of, destroyers and escort vessels. The main tasks of such helicopters would be anti-submarine warfare (ASW) and cruise missile defence (CMD) but they could be deployed also for general utility operations.
Sealite has been proposed by Kaman to meet the Navy's LAMPS requirement and is intended for deployment on naval destroyers and escort vessels at present in service, which have helicopter deck loading limits of about 6,000 lb (2,720 kg). To overcome this weight limitation Kaman intend to utilise the dynamic system of the basic UH-2 helicopter, relying upon a small, lighter fuselage, new skid landing gear, two Pratt & Whitney (UACL) PT6(T400-CP-400) turboshaft engines and a three-blade folding rotor with a new rotor hub to keep the maximum gross weight down to 7,900 lb (3,583 kg).
For ASW missions, Sealite would carry one Mk 46 torpedo, MAD equipment, eight sono-buoys, data link, radar, avionics, data processing, missile defence provision and a crew of two. For CMD operation, equipment would be changed to one Sparrow missile, illuminator, electronic countermeasures, data link, radar, avionics, ASW provisions, sensors and a crew of two.

Flying Review International, May 1970

Sparrow armed helicopter? Interesting...



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Seasprite did carry-trials with a Sparrow for definite, and I think they also conducted radar lock-on trials. But no launches or even unpowered releases to the best of my knowledge.
Mock-up Kaman Sealite LAMPS - from 1974 Interavia artical


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Here's a photo of the Seasprite trial fit of the Sparrow:





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Good work guys :)

Gregg, could you consider attaching images through the forum rather than photobucket? External links sometimes die..

the Kaman K-820 Sealite for LAMPS competition.


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K-820 Sealite proposal for the Lamps
competition which now seems postponed
indefinitely following the adoption of
the SH-2D conversion. The K-820 is a
smaller lighter derivative of the H-2
series designed around a new airframe
to fit the small hangars of destroyer
escorts from which Lamps will eventually
operate. It would carry the latest
avionics, nav/com equipment, quickchange
equipment modules for various
ASW and ASMD missions, interchangeable
radar nose, internal Mad housing
and multi-purpose external mounts for
Sparrow missile, Mk46 torpedoes and
auxiliary fuel tanks. In utility configuration
it would have a rescue hoist, external
cargo hook and seats for seven
passengers in the aft cabin. Powerplants
two 900 h.p., 670kW UAC PT-6-400.
Rotor dia 44ft, 13 4m; operating length 52ft
2in, 16m, length with nose, tail and rotor
blades folded 28ft 7in, 8 -71m; height lift
3in, 3-45m; empty weight 4,3731b, 1,984kg,
max 9,5001b, 4,310kg; max speed 162kt,
300km/hr; sea-level endurance at max
weight 5hr.
Jackpot Triton!!!!
Great find this pic! Can I ask were you found it?

So this was intended to fit in a DASH hanger?

ASMD....is that anti-surface missle defense?
Were they intending to shoot down a TERMIT/STYX with the Seasparow?
Here's the set of three photographs of the full-size mock-up in higher resolution/definition, taken from Air Progress:


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Hi all,
Wikipedia (I know, I know) mentions the Sealite was to feature "new skid landing gear". Are there any drawings, concepts etc showing the skids?
Hi Zac,

I searched for you about this drawing,but I couldn't find it,maybe tomorrow
I can make anther search.
Thank you, hesham. A "Sealite" would be an interesting scale model project.
Hi Zac,

unfortunately nothing in my files,even JAWA books,also I searched in many books about
helicopters,no way.
Ive just stumbled across this

I looks as if the Kaman designation for its Sealite was K-820.

AWST article


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OK, I just stumbled across this picture and exciting info at another website :eek:

'Kaman Sealite mock-up at New England Air Museum.'

Photo by Jerry O'Niell!

OK, got very excited, and done some enquiries, and sadly this was posted:

"Well, sadly, it doesn't exist any more. The Museum had been hit by a tornado in 1979 and they were able to build a new building, which is where I took this photo. In the late 80's, there was a sever need more indoor display space. Even though it was not a real aircraft, and made of wood, the decision was made to place it outside with tarps over it. Within two years the wood had delaminated and it was going down hill rapidly. It was given to the Airport Fire Department and burned as an exercise. There were some actual aircraft parts, hard points, racks etc, that were removed as they had other uses."



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Another view of the Sparrow equipped Seasprite.

"A U.S. Navy Kaman UH-2C Seasprite (BuNo 147981) modified to carry an AIM-7 Sparrow missile pictured during a test flight near Naval Air Station (NAS) Point Mugu, California (USA), in July 1972. This aircraft had been deilvered as an UH-2A. It was converted to an UH-2C, to NUH-2C, to HH-2D, to NHH-2D, and finally to an SH-2F."


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So this was intended to fit in a DASH hanger?

ASMD....is that anti-surface missle defense?
Were they intending to shoot down a TERMIT/STYX with the Seasparow?

Imagine some Helo pilot claiming Ace status for having shot down 5x Silkworms or whatever, in a bar for the celebration.

Fighter Jock: "You think you're an Ace for that?"
Helo: "No, but my 500 friends think so!"

:D :D :D :D :D

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