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14 June 2006
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Folks, just received the massive amount of data from the recent Scott's trip (was the first subscriber 8) ). If you think that you know everything that's in there from the miniatures that have been posted here, think again: THERE IS AN IMPRESSIVE MORE !!!!! :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:
I'm accumulating funds....
Me too. . . if anybody has a confincing argument for the Mrs. feel free to pass that along. :D
sferrin said:
if anybody has a confincing argument for the Mrs. feel free to pass that along. :D

Without knowing the Missus, it's hard to come up with the right sort of arguement. However, some possibilities:

1) "If we don't do this (i.e. invest in all past and future archival digs, subscribe to APR, buy all current and future aerospace docs/drawings, and send all spare cash to the Scott Lowther Private Plane and Retirement Funds) then the terrorists have already won."

2) "I heard a rumor that Oprah recommends these products."

3) "Doing this would please Obama."

4) "Doing this would annoy Obama."

5) "If we don't do this, I'm trading you in on a younger model like Putin's doing."

Some of these arguements might be more conducive to domestic tranquility than others. YMMV....
"Scott's cats need food" will work with my GF
bummer :-[ One of these days we'll hear the whole story, MAYBE.

PS- What i'd really love to see get de-classed is Project ISINGLASS. I'm sure there's something interesting there.
Another gentle push on the undecided ;) : ever heard of a Convair's SST proposal based on SCAT studies with a splitted cockpit (bug eyes...) ?

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