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24 January 2006
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Doug Richardson and I have been collaborating to a small degree on a few thing which will be appearing in forthcoming issues of Jane's Missiles & Rockets. If you have access to the online version, check out the "Iran may have lined up S-300 SAM systems" article dated Feb 1, 2008. My blog work on Iran's air defense network is the subject of about the last third of the article. There'll also be an article online soon regarding the apparent operational fielding of the KS-1A SAM system in China, which was also first reported on my blog site!
Just seen the online version of the KS-1A article, very well done by Mr. Richardson. Both of these will be in print in the February issue, or are available online now.

You can even see my name here: http://jmr.janes.com/public/jmr/index.shtml ;D

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