Here's a question: Jane's Space Systems and Industry...


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13 May 2008
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Here's my latest question...

I haven't seen a Jane's annual for space materials for a good long while....(you want to know how long....[cringing]...1987)

Anyway, I am wondering about when "Jane's Space Systems and Industry" is giong to have a new version out for 2009, and also, what is in its contents presently... Do they have a "history" or "Historical" section? Or something similar?

Let me know. Please post here. Anyone who actually has used it, please provide your comments also.

I thought I would ask, as the Chinese spacewalk mission is slated to go up in October. And I wouldn't want to go and buy a version without that material in it. (I am talking about a hard copy, book form, with binding and pages. Or would it be better to buy a CD-ROM version?)

Also, if anyone actually knows the editor(s) who work on it, what public sources do they use in their compilating? (Is that a word? "Compilating"? Meaning (hopefully) to compile stuff.)

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