hypothentical 3D art of the faked German flapjack fighter with BMW 803 engines


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11 January 2010
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I found this aircraft concept art when I search in google the word BMW 803.And it is the rendering of an invented combat aircraft design based on circular wing concept.but I don't know who is the artist of this.The URL is here



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Here is a screen capture .png of this aircraft that should work. What won't work is the complete lack of any kind of window or exterior view for the aircrew...


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It was remotely controlled by operators sitting in the german fortress "Neuschwabenland"
in the antarctic, so there was no need for windows.Vought,of course, had to rely again
on pilots, due to the inferior US technology, not even able to simply copy those "flying
saucers" shot down over the US territory, later known as "Area 51". So, all rumours about
crewmen held captive there are wrong ! ;D
"locked ???"

Honestly don't know, we are in the Bar and such "concepts" really seem to invite having a drink.
Browsed through a catalogue this weekend with hundreds of books about such things and having
a look at (just an example) http://www.nexusboard.net/sitemap/6365/, I'm actually
surprised, how few of those "projects" reach us here. Great compliment to all members !
To my opinion, problem aren't sources telling pure nonsense, but those mixing up real aircraft and
authentic projects with others just known from rumours, post-war reports or maybe photos and
drawings of doubtful origin. Today it's relatively easy to produce reality, as it is a lot easier to
reach a lot of people and make them believe in something.
So, stay alert and sceptical !

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