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25 October 2007
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I`ve just bought "BMW aero engines, Milestones in aviation from the beginnings to the present", english version of the original german work by Fred Jakobs, Robert Kröschel and Christian Pierer. It is published by BMW and distributed by Heel Verlag.
I would report more on the subjects who interest me more, e.g. the engine projects from the 1930`s/40`s. The books has a fair ammount of BMW`s projected engines, including some otherwise unknown to me, like the F9011 inverted in-line 24 (4x6) cylinder, the F9052 36 cylinder four row radial ( could be combined with another to form a 72 cylinder ) and developing up to 10000hp. It was pleasing to have a factory plan of the P8008 "Turbo-Compound" ( which I knew from "Flugmotoren and Strahltriebwerke" in text ), with three turbochargers and a two stage supercharger. There are more brilliant stuff on the BMW 802 ( what a superb engine this would be, full of technical novelties ) and 803 ( photos of the slide valves, both disc and conical). It is worth the price (49Euro) just for this.
Unfortunatelly it hasn`t much on Bramo developments ( The Bramo 300 and 329 still have no face to me ), as well as the elusive BMW 140.
On turbojets, no addings to the already known BMW line. Rockets have a chapter, too.

Generally speaking: excellent photos, comprehensive text, nice factory plans and some hitherto unknown powerplants. Nice for us, who love "paper projects".
Hi Johnbr :),

I`m afraid you`ll have to buy it from Germany. Try here:

Gabi will attend your order. Say that Carlos Henriques have recommended her book shop.
You were right they are great the buy from and said to say hi to you.

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